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Listening Help

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PostPosted: 2007 10 28 - 12:51 am    Post subject: Listening Help Reply with quote

Listening Help

Great 70s music is available in 2 speeds:
FAST! (128k high quality for broadband)
Groovy Baby! (40k for dialup)

Quick Start

Listen at your Windows PC
From the main web page ( www.My70sRadio.com ),
click on the MyTjoe Player button

Listen at your Apple PC
Launch iTunes. From the file menu, select Advanced, then select Open Audio Stream.
Give it this address:
(try just clicking that link, it might start the stream in iTunes for you)

Listen while Mobile

On your smartphone, launch your favorite streaming program.
Give it this address:
(or the lower speed):

Listen on your Home Audio System

There are a number of Internet Appliances for streaming audio with your home audio system:
Chumby - http://www.chumby.com/
Logitech Squeezebox - http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/
Sonus ZonePlayer - http://www.sonos.com
to list just a few.
Once you are set, give it this address:


Still Need Help?

? Are you using a dialup modem?
If so, you'll want our lower speed stream.
From the Main Page ( www.My70sRadio.com ), click on the Choose A Player button

Click on the VW Bus to launch the low speed Player.

? Don't want to use the MyTjoe Player?
Some people can't use a popup window, or they prefer to use their own default media player such as WinAmp, iTunes or Windows Media Player (etc.).
Launch your preferred player
Give it this URL address:
If you want to see song information (current, coming up, and previously played), click on the "Undock" button located at the top of the Now Playing box on the main page.

? Don't have a player for your Smart Phone?
If you have a phone running Android (google),
you can search for "A Online Radio" in the Market,
or Scan this code with your phone:

After it is installed, run it and click on Add Channels.
Give it these 2 addresses:
for high speed:
for lower speed:
Keep these in your Favorites list for easy access.

If you have something other than Android,
do an internet search for your type of phone, followed by "online radio".
Download the app and try these addresses:
for high speed:
for lower speed:


Still Having Trouble?

Basic Troubleshooting

>> Can't get the music at work?
You might be behind a very restrictive firewall. Security minded IT departments will lock down something called PORTS on the network. This helps reduce the threat of outside attacks. Our stream is fed on port 8002. You could try to ask (or bribe) your networking staff to allow this port.

>>Having quality issues with the music?
** I have noticed times when I'm using Windows Media Player for several hours, then it seems like the station is getting fuzzy. Like there is some sort of interference. If I simply Stop the stream and then Play again, it clears up and sounds brand new again. Sometimes I have had to restart it with File-Play URL again.

** I have an issue when I am at my work office that I can't play my stream using WinAmp, yet the exact same stream works perfectly on Windows Media Player (either stand-alone or the web player). When using WinAmp at my office, the stream has a tiny little gap every second or so. It's very annoying and no amount of buffering seems to get rid of it. Other people that I've talked to have not had that problem. I prefer WinAmp but at work I have to use Windows Media Player now.

** Windows 7, 64-bit seems to have a problem playing any live audio stream, regardless of the station or the speed. If it's a live stream, it makes the player (WinAmp, WMP, VLC, etc.) skip about every 1/2 second or makes blip noises every 1/2 second. It's very annoying. There are 2 ways to get around this until Microsoft fixes this.
1 - Start a Virtual Session of XP, and run your media player through that.
2 - If you have another PC (or mobile device) nearby that is not running Win7-64bit, run the stream on that one and plug an audio cord from it's headphones (or line out) jack to the Win7 PC's Line In jack. Tell your audio card program to pass the input directly to your speaker output. I like this one best because I never have to launch a session every time I reboot. The stream starts playing as soon as the PC starts back up.

** Some songs seem to be broken or badly recorded. It might be. If you notice the same song act up in the same place more than once, I would appreciate if you could drop me a line so I can try to rerecord it. Specify artist and track name please. PM me (Tjoe) or email (webmaster -at- my70sradio.com).

>>> Did you suddenly lose the stream when it use to work for you? If other people are not having trouble with the music (you can see if they are by looking at the chat box), and it is only you, it is likely that you were banned. Why? Are you "ripping" our stream? This station will take all necessary precautions to prevent people from copying the music stream. If you were banned, and this is your first offense, you will be blocked for about a week. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from the music AND from the web pages.

Any issues not covered here can be sent to me, Tjoe at My70sRadio.com .
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