2017 Sep 20 - 14:19
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*

Tjoe: listening to the halloween tunes... I think I may start watching my h-movies soon. I was going to wait until October, but I have so many, I should probably start this weekend.
Tjoe: either or, really
TechGnome: now that we`re on the same page....
TechGnome: will everyone please turn to page 42....
TechGnome: I thought you meant for me to hold in my hands....
TechGnome: Oh, oh, oh.... you mean for the hands on the hat.... .... hmmmmm....
Tjoe: ooo... tarot card
Tjoe: how about bloody chicken feathers?
TechGnome: the store, not Amazon the river...
TechGnome: I have a cane, and bone rattle that I`m still working on, and I`ve ordered a voodoo doll from Amazon
Tjoe: Oh! for the hands... a noose knot ?
TechGnome: Planning on an all white face with black highlights for the eyes and mouth
Tjoe: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2137498/images/o-BARON-SAMEDI-facebook.jpg
Tjoe: http://www.007.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG0090.png
Tjoe: are you going to do the makeup too?
Tjoe: Samedi (from James Bond) is who I was originally thinking of when you mentioned sophisticated voodoo witch doctor.
TechGnome: I`m kinds of using this as the inspiration - https://i.pinimg.com/736x/7c/b1/85/7cb185c8331edb3bfd2cbf13ba9c28bf--voodoo-priestess-baron-samedi.jpg
TechGnome: I`m going for the sophisticated voodoo witch doctor look
TechGnome: hahaha..... no... that wouldn`t quite fit in with the theeme....