2017 Jul 25 - 16:51
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Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 7/25:
- Jose Chepito Areas (Santana)
- Verdine White (Earth Wind and Fire)

Tjoe: good to know.... thanks
TechGnome: Note to self: Database objects are only going to work if they are actually loaded into the database.
TechGnome: I`m getting so used to being able to just use the touchscreen on iut, that I forget that my work one isn`t a touchscreen and catch myself reaching out to tap it from time to time
TechGnome: I think my laptop at home is spoiling me....
TechGnome: yeah, something like that... thinks with a 3 or 4 would be, it`s OK, but a little less please...
Tjoe: so a weighted rating. Play more like this and a LOT more like this one.
TechGnome: The point would be that while OF is acceptible in a sctream, I want to lean more towards Requiemt
TechGnome: It might.... I might like a song... but I might REALLY like another .... know what I mean? So... example: it was playing Orinocco Flow... I like it.... but then next it played Requiem for a Tower, which I REALLY like.... Orinocco Flow would get a 6, while Requiem would get an 8
Tjoe: since the goal of liking or disliking is to change what gets added to your playlist, would numbers help that?
TechGnome: It`s like/don`t like... there is no inbetween
TechGnome: a star, like 1-5 or 1-10...
Tjoe: instead of ?
TechGnome: Too bad PAndora will only allow you to thumb up or down tracks....
Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 7/23:
- Andy Mackay (Roxy Music)
- David Essex
- Blair Thorton (Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Tjoe: -thanks-
Thanks requester(s) for the great selections this afternoon

Tjoe: Wow! That was a great article on Meatballs.
Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 7/22:
- George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic)
- Rick Davies (Supertramp)
- Don Henley (The Eagles)