2018 Jan 21 - 23:46
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*

Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 1/21:
- DJ Wolfman Jack
- Richie Havens
- Edwin Starr
- Mac Davis
- Jim Ibbotson (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 1/20:
- Ron Townson (The 5th Dimension)
- Billy Powell (The O`Jays)
- Eric Stewart (10cc)
- George Grantham (Poco)
- Paul Stanley (KISS)

Tjoe: 70s Artist Birthdays 1/19:
- Janis Joplin
Dolly Parton
- Rod Evans (Deep Purple)
- Harvey Hinsley (Hot Chocolate)
- Dewey Bunell (America)

Tjoe: ugh... what a horrible night`s sleep.
TechGnome: I`ve got to find something.
TechGnome: I`ve got to get out of here.
TechGnome: I`
TechGnome: "we will take in all development work. Doesn`t matter what product it is for. It is not business as usual. This is the new norm."
TechGnome: kinda sounds like the "pep talk" we got this morning.
Tjoe: 2 hour webinar. could be 15 minutes: we have new product. you will work with new product. may god have mercy on your soul.
Tjoe: yep
TechGnome: That tells me they are all flash and no substance
Tjoe: I`ve never heard anyone use more buzzwords at a time as these 2 guys.
Tjoe: It would explode
TechGnome: Start playing buzzword bingo
Tjoe: I`m attending a webinar from our company. I swear, these guys must be getting paid per buzz-word.
Tjoe: omg....
TechGnome: all is good.
TechGnome: so I just turened them off and re-set the default headphones to the USB wired ones and viola!
TechGnome: What was weird about it was the computer indicated the headphones where connected.... the headphones thought they were connected... but beeped like it was looking for a BT connection.....