2017 Jun 22 - 10:05
*Use UNDOCKED for best use*

Tjoe: the humidity is so high, any disturbance in the atmosphere could let the air give up its moisture.
Tjoe: no forecast for rain now until sunday, but it`s sprinkling right now.
Tjoe: funny you should ask - I was just going out there to enjoy some breakfast, but it`s RAINING. What the heck? It doesn`t even look like rain clouds.
sunshinegirl: Have you been enjoying your deck?
Tjoe: we had a doozie of a storm on Tuesday. Blew in around 2:30 with very high winds and driving rain for a few minutes.
sunshinegirl: I think we are supposed to get some rain later today and then tonight as Cindy works her way up
Tjoe: it is SOOOO humid here! It feels like being on a dock during a rain storm.
sunshinegirl: Hopefully by mid August we will get everything sorted out
sunshinegirl: Leave next week to go to FL for 11 days!! Will actually feel like I am living at my house instead of just visiting
sunshinegirl: Doing well. Back in Indiana for a week!
Tjoe: and you?
Tjoe: enjoying the nice warm (but a bit too humid) weather
sunshinegirl: How ya doing?
Tjoe: Morning Sunshine!
Tjoe: G`day, Like!