The EASIEST way to listen to My70sRadio on ANY device!

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Install the TuneIn app on your device (phone, tv, bluray, roku) or click on the TuneIn icon (above) to get it on your PC or Apple.
Then Search for My70sRadio.

Thatís it!!

You can go to our main web page to add your requests to the queue.

Other ways to listen to My70sRadio

Have Alexa? Just say "Alexa, play My70sRadio on TuneIn."

TuneIn Radio is great! But, you want more. You want to see the album covers. You want to click on the album and go to the Amazon page for it. You want to see the dedication someone has made. You want to make your own requests and dedications. You want see what's coming up next and has played recently.

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You want the MyTjoe Player!

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The Player is a popup window that has a built-in audio player (for Windows PCs), and access to the gigantic 70s and holidays library.

Not on a Windows PC?

Maybe you don't like Windows Media Player, or you are on a non-windows computer. There are plenty of options for listening to the stream.

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From the Main Menu (or here), click on Choose A Player. From here you can choose from many popular streaming formats, compatible with all consumer computers.

OR -- Open your favorite media app and give it this address:

If you choose to use your own player (and have put the stream address into it already), you can still use the features of the MyTjoePlayer. Just select "UnDock" from the main menu (or here).

Undock the Now Playing Window    <<<<---- Try it!

Going Mobile?

While is a great way to listen to My70Radio anywhere (one program covers all operating systems and devices), you may want more advanced features. What does Tjoe use when he is mobile?

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This is XiiaLive. The Pro version (only $5) automatically starts streaming the station when I start my car -- without having to touch my phone. It is paired with my car's bluetooth adapter and in the Advanced Settings I set it to autostart the stream when it sees this device connect. It also turns it off when the bluetooth adapter turns off.

Begin by going to your phone's app store and downloading the free version (until you want it to autostart in the car). After it is installed, SEARCH for My70sRadio and choose the speed you want: 40k and 128k. Set then as Favorites, and begin enjoying the music. To stream in the car (over my bluetooth adapter), I picked the 40k stream as the favorite so that I use less bandwidth on my phone. Choose the 128k stream if you have a higher quality sound system.

When I want to see the queue, I place it in the hands-free mount and open the phone's browser with a shortcut to the MyTjoe Lite popup. Get there by opening on your phone's browser, locate the Undock button (or the Choose A Player page and select Lite). Now you can see what's playing, what's coming up, and what recently played - including dedications.

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