WVillage: -thanksgiving-
WVillage: -70sbus-
Tjoe: So, I'm going to get up at 6am (will probably be up by then anyway, since I didn't have to be), and put it in then. Plan to eat about 3pm.
Tjoe: I've changed my turkey plans. Not going to do it overnight. It's only 13 pounds and the cooking times at 200f put the bird being ready at 6am - NOT when I want to eat, LOL.
Tjoe: forecast (6 days out) puts it at several inches, and spread out Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping for 3 inches each day.
Tjoe: How lovely!!!
sunshinegirl: I found a fire place scene on Youtube so I have that on the big TV while I am reading and listening to christmas music
sunshinegirl: How much snow?
WVillage: -snowflake- -yes-
Tjoe: So, we are expecting SNOW on Mon/Tues next week! So happy!! Will have the outside lights blazing brightly then :)
Tjoe: YEY!!!
sunshinegirl: No more work!!
sunshinegirl: Turkey prep and TV!!
Tjoe: Ha! Got lucky. The customer kicked my guy out (3pm). NOW I'm done with my technicians. NOW I can start doing my own stuff (work, work, turkey prep, tv).
WVillage: -no-
Tjoe: -lol- PSYCHE!!! It's 2:45p and one of my technicians is still on site and ready to start testing things! Oh well....
Tjoe: decided on just a PB&J for today. Can't wait for feasting tomorrow! :)
Tjoe: LOVE IT!
sunshinegirl: -turkey30-
sunshinegirl: House is starting to smell like Turkey Day!