Tjoe: better keep an eye on the sky.
Tjoe: hmmm... hail coming in now.
Tjoe: And now a VERY DARK massive cloud is coming in.
Tjoe: Stayed out for a bit, even got a little nap, but was woken (after about 10 min) by a work text, and then a phone call (different things needed), and then had to come in.
Tjoe: Probably won't be out here much longer. Already feeling slight moisture.
Tjoe: Night!
sunshinegirl: Have a good evening and chatter tomorrow!!
Tjoe: Decided to go sit outside until it starts raining
sunshinegirl: :)
Tjoe: Nice! Big, long, crumbly first thunder.
Tjoe: -groove-
sunshinegirl: I have some Youtube stations bookmarked where I can play a storm and a fireplace and then curl up to read to that
Tjoe: same
sunshinegirl: I would like a nice afternoon storm...nothing too bad, just some much needed steady rain. I like to listen to it
Tjoe: Expecting some storms this afternoon, but possibly very severe stuff rolls in between 8p and 11p (in a couple of chunks).
Tjoe: And now I'm watching the sky get dark as the first part of this big wave comes in.
Tjoe: Burger (and fries) was great! Didn't have trouble with the wind, first grill-burger of the season went well (not over or under cooked).
Tjoe: I have a couple of big ones in the freezer. I'm kind of waiting to see if I can get a couple more rib roasts this year to make more steaks from them before I finish these up.
sunshinegirl: :)
Tjoe: Steak sounds great! I've been thinking about steak lately.