ilikethis: -biggrin- -biggrin- -biggrin-
Tjoe: -laugh- -laugh- -laugh-

ilikethis: -barry--piano-
ilikethis: -cool2-
Tjoe: I was just kind of waiting for the right timing of work and location of where the single shot vaccine was being given. Then I saw that it was being given real close to me, so I went and got it done.
Tjoe: I
Tjoe: -like-
ilikethis: It will be soon
ilikethis: I'm waiting my turn
Tjoe: Pretty good. Busy (as usual), but good. Got vaccinated on Saturday and spent the weekend recovering from it. All good now.
ilikethis: How do you doing?
ilikethis: -hi- TJoe!
Tjoe: -hi- Like!


ilikethis: -club2-
ilikethis: -snf2-
Tjoe: Hey, wow! Hello, Stawbs!
strawbs89: heey Tjoe