ilikethis: -cool2-
Tjoe: What a fabulous picture. Thanks, Like!

Tjoe: RIP: OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN -cry--crying-
Tjoe: -wow-
Tjoe: -discoanimal-
Tjoe: Sweet!! A disco set coming up! Thanks!
Tjoe: How's the heat, Like?
Tjoe: -jammin-
Tjoe: A good rockin' set coming up!
ilikethis: -hi- TJoe!!!
Tjoe: Good afternoon, Like!

Tjoe: Nighters, Like!
ilikethis: Have a good hot weekend!!!
ilikethis: -bye-
ilikethis: 33,3ÂșC in my little office
ilikethis: I hope July and August will be better than this month but I think this will be difficult.
Tjoe: We've been breaking records this year here. Finally nicer weather yesterday and today. Gonna be cool tomorrow, but then back to near record heat again next week.
Tjoe: That's what I thought.