Tjoe: Happy (early) Friday! Happy Crazy Shopping Day for the US.
Tjoe: Thanks! It's been pretty enjoyable. Dinner is almost ready to eat, and parade was good.
ilikethis: I hope you are having good Thanksgiving day, enjoy parades and Christmas movies, bye.


Tjoe: I think it is -yes-
ilikethis: I'm watching now on Youtube
ilikethis: Is Macy the best parade?

ilikethis: I'm watching now, I don't have nothing to do in this moment
Tjoe: -rockettes4-
Tjoe: that's not the one I wanted...
Tjoe: -rockettes3-
Tjoe: Not sure if I'll watch the Chicago one, but I always watch the Macy's one.
Tjoe: I'm taping it to watch later (and skip commercials and other things).
ilikethis: Are you watching Chicago Thanksgiving Parade?
ilikethis: Hi TJoe, Happy day!!!
Tjoe: Happy Friday Eve to you!
Tjoe: Thank you, Like!!