Tjoe: -hi-
WVillage: Yeah you can here too,hello TJoe,Hello Like!!-doesn't apply with me though really as I don't have lunch,I have breakfast and main meal at around 5.30
ilikethis: In Spain you can say good morning until before lunch, afternoon start after lunch.
Tjoe: ah, crap... I still missed your morning by an hour - LOL
ilikethis: 13h17' here
ilikethis: Good morning TJoe!
Tjoe: Good MORNING!!! (I think, still... right?)
ilikethis: Greetings WV!!!
WVillage: good to hear you are busy and Tuesday greetings to you!
ilikethis: -hi- TJoe, I'm here now but busy
Tjoe: -hi- Like! Are you over here?
Tjoe: Hi, Like! The chat party seems to be over at the holidays chat today.
ilikethis: -hi- sunshine!
ilikethis: -hi- TJoe!
Tjoe: Happy Monday to you, Like!
ilikethis: ...and Monday -biggrin-
ilikethis: -rain-
Tjoe: Hello, Dean Jackson! Welcome to the station -rainbowfro-
Tjoe: -happydays-
sunshinegirl: I hope it tastes yummy!!