WVillage: thx!
Tjoe: (click link for details)-notes-
Tjoe: Playlist Update! ( Sep 18 2020 ) tinyurl.com/My70sUpdate
Tjoe: -notes--v-
WVillage: Ah right
Tjoe: Yeah, that would probably have been the problem I foind in the wheel. At some point I was trying to change things up and a boo-boo got entered allowing the Artist Profiles to not care about the rules.
WVillage: I guess it was the same with Santa Esmerelda on Wednesday when the same track played twice within 15 minutes and it was often playing two songs by them together or within 10 minutes
WVillage: by the way I really like the song but I thought something was up
WVillage: ok
Tjoe: And I think I found a problem in the clockwheel.
Tjoe: I just took a lot of weight out of it. Let me know if you see/hear it again today.
Tjoe: But, have to keep reminding myself that the queue is not a shuffled list but more of a weighted random number generator.
WVillage: Oh and at 1349!
Tjoe: surprised so many of the same song though - plenty of other ACE songs it can play.
Tjoe: yes, birthday artist.
WVillage: Interesting Sam likes this one sail on my brother by Ace,,played at 1140,1225 and again now,something like this happened yesterday-presume it’s a birthday artist
Tjoe: Zazzle store has been updated! www.zazzle.com/collection...
sunshinegirl: Thanks!!
WVillage: ‘Its a great achievement,you should be very proud
sunshinegirl: Next stop is 25#