Tjoe: Nighters!
sunshinegirl: Okay, I am calling it a day! Chatter tomorrow!! Hope you have a great evening!
sunshinegirl: -bye-
Tjoe: Night, TG!
TechGnome: hmm... got pulled into passive on-call for sunday ... which comes with a 7am start on Monday ... sounds like now is a good time to skip out...
Tjoe: yum (nuggets)!
sunshinegirl: Going to have nuggets with a side of cottage cheese tonight
sunshinegirl: I plan on having beer with my pizza tomorrow
sunshinegirl: :)
Tjoe: Just finished my wings and potato salad (and beer).
sunshinegirl: What is on the siesta menu today?
Tjoe: I did manage a 5 or 10 minute one yesterday afternoon while watching TV around 5pm. That felt good.
Tjoe: I miss being able to nap properly.
sunshinegirl: I really want a nap since I was awake for two hours in the middle of the night
Tjoe: Think today will be wings, and potato salad.
Tjoe: -groove- I've been feeling like another pizza the last couple of days.
sunshinegirl: I am looking forward to my -pizza- tomorrow!
Tjoe: only 1 battery?
TechGnome: yay... clouds moved in ... took care of that sun glare for me.... awwww crap.. is it going to rain? Ugh... my front yard has a mohawk from where the batter ran out when I mowed earlier this week ... and I haven't had time to get back to it...
Tjoe: If the weather wasn't so yucky, I'd celebrate by going out to pick up something for meal today.