Tjoe: -telephoneman-
Tjoe: Thanks for the Summer songs set! Did you know that our sister station has an even bigger selection of summer songs, and a more wide open requesting policy? Check it out at
Tjoe: g'night! Stay cool!
ilikethis: -bye-
ilikethis: a/c again -biggrin-
Tjoe: Sweltery! Hope you have a way to get relief tonight.
ilikethis: 19h 15' 34ºC
ilikethis: Hi TJoe!!!
Tjoe: Good afternoon, Like!
Tjoe: That's great that you have a/c. I feel bad for WV when it gets so hot and humid - no a/c there.

ilikethis: A night with air conditioner...
Tjoe: -intermissionicecream-
ilikethis: -melt- -melt- -melt- 35º
Tjoe: -laugh- -groove-
ilikethis: Nice? Nice is to be on the beach but not working
Tjoe: Nice! 19c at the moment, only getting to 25c today, but in the 30s all the rest of the week.
ilikethis: 33ºC today
ilikethis: Happy day TJoe!
Tjoe: -hiphop-