Tjoe: -lol- I've missed that little guy. Glad to see you back, happy tomato.
WVillage: -dancetomato- me too!!
WVillage: -dance tomato- me too!!
WVillage: hope is goes well!!
Tjoe: Thinking of taco bell for today. have an errand to run, and maybe swing by the nearby small store to look for tomatoes, and taco bell is right there too.
Tjoe: yeah - I would totally suck at my work if I lived someplace with nice weather most of the time.
WVillage: however,the weekend had wonderful weather and you had to take advantage of that,it's not so good now
WVillage: -bigeek-
Tjoe: I knew that taking the weekend off was going to bite me later.
Tjoe: Well!! I think I just got some motivation. So many of my projects don't have firm due dates (due to parts shortages). Just got an email saying one of my bigger ones could be ready for my as soon as next week. Now I better get to it!
sunshinegirl: TG - yikes
sunshinegirl: :(
Tjoe: ugh! I just can't get motivated!
Tjoe: -wow-
Tjoe: -whoa-
TechGnome: we just had someone do a rage quit ... he rage quit a team phone call ... then disappeared... we suspect there might have been somehting going on outside ofwork that cause it... and he didn't handle it well.
Tjoe: We have a lot of attrition at my company. Mostly newer people though - like less than 5 years.
sunshinegirl: I had to step back for about 5 minutes to process
Tjoe: :( :( :(]
sunshinegirl: It is, especially when you liked them and worked directly with them