sunshinegirl: The other side has more plants, but also has some empty tubs so I had to angle the phone to not get that!
Tjoe: LOVE the view! Nice pond in the background.

sunshinegirl: I have the porch doors open and the babies are out being nosy
sunshinegirl: It is so nice out here today. Low humidity, light breeze
Tjoe: -weirdscience-
Tjoe: Very tasty! Love the deep fryer! I can make just a single serving (or more if needed) without much prep.
sunshinegirl: That does look really good!!
Tjoe: -marleyandmarley2-

sunshinegirl: You had chicken parm?
sunshinegirl: Good morning!!
Tjoe: -ogre-
Tjoe: -hiphop- Hip Hop Halloween Night
Tjoe: omg, my dinner was spectacular last night.
Tjoe: And great afternoon, WV!
Tjoe: -zombiesays- Good Moaning, Sunshine!
Tjoe: Now THAT's funny. When I closed down last night, Meat Loaf's "Alive" song was just starting. Now when I get stuff back this morning, Alive is just ending. -groove-
sunshinegirl: I am having a good start and hope it continues!!