Tjoe: I was thinking it would be nice for Like to have more people to talk to. And since WV is gone now... he came here because his tablet had a hard time with some of the pictures posted at 70s chat.
sunshinegirl: I think so, want me to scoot over there?
Tjoe: Hey, are you able to chat at the 70s page as easily as here at Holidays?
Tjoe: at 70s? Thanks!
sunshinegirl: I put some tunes in the regular playlist
Tjoe: -smile- -smile- -laugh- -clap- -smile- -smile-
sunshinegirl: And some wine :) :)
sunshinegirl: And my keylime pie :)
sunshinegirl: I was reading for that stew, some people not only have chicken but have beef, so I got some stew meat to add as well
sunshinegirl: I just had instacart bring me some stuff from Publix, so I ordered a Publix sub to have
Tjoe: 10am already, and I don't know what I want to eat later.
Tjoe: -cool3-
sunshinegirl: But at least my hashbrowns, eggs and bacon were yummy.
sunshinegirl: Yeah, I thought they would have marked that
Tjoe: pretty bad planning on their part to not know where a main was before digging.
sunshinegirl: Made sure to run the dishwasher and do a load of laundry this morning in case they hit another water main, LOL
sunshinegirl: I really like my job, I like routine but sometimes it's nice to have the knowledge to help others
Tjoe: Glad to hear you get projects. Much better than doing the same old thing all day, every day.
sunshinegirl: That is always a good thing. I have a huge project so I started early this morning
Tjoe: I'm doing ok. Allowed myself to stay in bed a little longer this morning.