Tjoe: I don't know what has suddenly come over him. He's been fed recently, but he's decided he needs MASSIVE attention.
Tjoe: Excellent! And if Rowan has his say, I'll still be here without moving. He has sprawlled across my lap and arms. Typing/mousing is nearly impossible now!
sunshinegirl: LOL! I really enjoy doing it. I will be on this weekend, either via my computer or my phone :)
Tjoe: and thanks for all the fish, er, I mean requests!
Tjoe: Rowan has come up to help say "Have a good weekend!!"
Tjoe: Another tasty meal. Almost a disaster though - I'd forgotten to get more bread out of the freezer. Luckily I'm grilling the rye, so just had to toss a couple of frozen slices into the pan.
Tjoe: Just about to. finished making, now for eating :)
sunshinegirl: I hope you got your lunch!
Tjoe: I guess maybe not suddenly. About half hour ago my feet felt colder than they should. Now my legs feel cold. I must need food. After this next call, I'll make some.
Tjoe: BRRR!! I suddenly got cold.
Tjoe: One of my biggest regrets in this life is not learning how to swing dance (or any dance, for that matter).
Tjoe: -dancetwirl2--dancetwirl2-
Tjoe: -guitar--rockabilly--guitar-
sunshinegirl: It makes me happy that I pick things you really like :)
sunshinegirl: :)
Tjoe: Yeah!!! Brian Setzer 2-fer coming up, and one is Sleigh Ride - a great one!
Tjoe: cottage cheese... that is something I cannot eat. It triggers a mental/emotional trauma and makes me get sick. weird, right?
sunshinegirl: I had PB&J for lunch and then got some tomatoes and cottage cheese to have for dinner tonight
Tjoe: I think today is the last Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. I still have a Capon Leg/thigh left, but everything else is gone.
Tjoe: I was finally able to turn volume back up (many calls), and Rockabilly Christmas was playing.