Tjoe: -groove-
WVillage: oh well,you'll enjoy seeing it when it arrives -smile-
Tjoe: Unfortunately, the timing of tomorrow's snow will not let that be possible - with most of it happening in the middle of the night. Today's will be too light.
WVillage: thanks,it looks nice though!,I think you'd be out there building a snowman -snowman2-
Tjoe: Ugh! sorry to hear about your weather troubles, including your power outage.
WVillage: SUNDAY JANUARY 24 -snow-
WVillage: great thanks to you!
WVillage: I'm sorted now until the next problem,hope Like isn't in the same boat,I enjoyed some of his selections,he sometimes appears Sunday's
WVillage: -yes-
Tjoe: 'nuther PM back to ya
WVillage: Thks back to you!
Tjoe: back at ya... urgent, a little.
WVillage: -pm- 2 (one a reply) thnks
WVillage: -smile-
Tjoe: mmm good fries. so much like McD's that I don't really need the ketchup (I never use ketchup on actual McDs fries).
Tjoe: yeah, I'm still improving. maybe closer to 90% now. I'm planning on eating a little snack (french fries).
WVillage: -smile- I had a bad night too-awake until nearly midnight,then 2 till 5,then woke 7.30-better than you though-pleased you've improved!
Tjoe: Luckily, just one last quick one just before getting into bed, and then slowly all night long the tummy was feeling less upset.
Tjoe: Well, I'd say I'm about 80 to 85% better. Tummy is still pretty raw, and I didn't sleep more than 5 seconds all last night (for fear of not waking in time to get out of bed in case I had to puke again).
WVillage: May you feel better soon