WVillage: four to make it 200 but no matter,fun anyway,have a good evening
WVillage: Sam picked one Eden Kane- got in by mistakI might have picked another
Tjoe: Best I can tell, WV, that's 197 tracks you picked for your Summer Solstice Set. Nearly 12.5 hours worth. Nice!
WVillage: -yes-
Tjoe: Won't be a frozen drink night, for sure, but would be nice to absorb a few rays after the weekend being a washout.
WVillage: -yes- hope you can
Tjoe: Hey! the sun is coming out! I ate inside as it just wasn't nice enough out (no sun, barely 70f, and breezy). But if the clouds break enough, maybe I'll go out and read a while.
Tjoe: Nighters!
WVillage: enjoy your zoom dinner!
sunshinegirl: Hope you both have a great evening!!
WVillage: -smile-
Tjoe: Loving the set you built, WV! I even remembered to make a category out of it.
Tjoe: Long Time - Perfect Summer Solstice song -groove-
Tjoe: no bet! LOL
WVillage: What's the betting someone doesn't turn-up early tomorrow?
WVillage: -sigh-
Tjoe: i triple-dog guarantee that if we did that, the other companies would be screaming their heads off, and back-charging us for lost productivity and overtime.
sunshinegirl: Ugh, that is just not cool
Tjoe: ugh... a key person couldn't make it to the site of one of my projects today, so now all of us have to start several hours earlier tomorrow to make up for the lost time. Hello, 4:30am alarm.
Tjoe: Yum & Yum!