sunshinegirl: I had fun playing in the kitchen and making it. Thinking of making a steak/spinach/mushroom in a cream sauce over pasta next weekend. Found that recipe while looking at the same cookbook as the place where I got the Thai Peanut recipe
Tjoe: so glad you enjoyed yours too :)
sunshinegirl: It still looks really good, LOL!
Tjoe: Now that I think about it, it's not really parmesan - I didn't put any parmesan on it LOL
sunshinegirl: Looks good too!!
Tjoe: mine last night - chicken parmesan. I still have pasta left over, so might make this again tonight.

Tjoe: YEY!
sunshinegirl: Leftovers tonight!!
sunshinegirl: I was a little conservative with the ginger and soy, but next time will add more

sunshinegirl: So here is my Thai Chicken
Tjoe: Good Monday greetings, Sunshine!
sunshinegirl: Happy Monday!!
Tjoe: Good Afternoon, WV!
WVillage: just right for an occasional special
WVillage: heard lot's of tracks for the first time-really enjoyed it
Tjoe: Glad to hear - I was going to ask.
WVillage: enjoying the theme
WVillage: Was