sunshinegirl: Got a club sandwich and small fry from one of my favorite local places :)
TechGnome: Can someone verify for me that 1) Today is in fact a Monday? And/or 2) It is April Fools day? Because that is certainly how it's feeliong.
Tjoe: took nearly half an hour to get it working. Luckily we started early but we still burned 20 minutes into the class with that problem. But it's all good now. Just taking our break now.
sunshinegirl: YIKES
Tjoe: off to a rough start. audio troubles at their end.
sunshinegirl: Good luck on your training :)
sunshinegirl: Running to church at lunch to drop off books for their rummage sale Saturday and grabbing something for lunch, not sure what yet
Tjoe: Peaceful so far. But I have to give a 4 hour training class at 8a. And with the customer not having the printed training guides I made for them. Should be... interesting.
sunshinegirl: How's it going?
Tjoe: Good morning, Sunshine!!
sunshinegirl: Just placed my grocery order for tomorrow delivery
sunshinegirl: Happy Thursday :)
Tjoe: I swear, it's like every hour, someone tries to outdo someone else's incompetence. Even simple tasks. For example, I sent my training manuals for a project to the project manager to get printed and delivered to the job site - a month ago to be there for training a week later. That training has been postponed several times now, but I guess he just got around to sending them (fedex) yesterday, so they won't be at the site for everyone to have while I'm giving their training. -headsmack-
Tjoe: hardest part of any job, it seems, is having to rely on other people.
WVillage: -sad-
sunshinegirl: Jeepers, what a day. Trying to balance statements to the bank and you would think it would be easy, but nope, someone always has to be off
sunshinegirl: I hate that! I have been having trouble all week sleeping and not sure why
WVillage: Paella today
WVillage: -humpday2-
WVillage: -sad-