Tjoe: -laugh- -groove-
WVillage: ask Dracula if he likes Christmas and he'll likely tell you he prefers fangs givin'!
Tjoe: -laugh-
WVillage: Knock,Knock Who's There? Arthur,Arthur Who?,Arthur any leftovers?
WVillage: -smile-Quite like Turkeyday Eve
Tjoe: Yeah, today is many things. Humpday, Friday, 1st Friday, Turkeyday Eve... all kinds of things.
Tjoe: No! Please - keep as high a profile as you can/like. It helps me :)
WVillage: I know you're busy so I'll keep a low profile
WVillage: Happy not really Humpday come Thanksgiving Eve
WVillage: -pm- Update
Tjoe: (click link for details)-notes-
Tjoe: Playlist Update! ( Nov 24 2020 )
Tjoe: -notes--v-
WVillage: -smile-
Tjoe: LOVE my brassy Christmas music!!!!
WVillage: -pm-

WVillage: yeah you want to be well for that having got a large turkey
Tjoe: It would really suck to not be able to enjoy my thanksgiving food.
Tjoe: gonna try eating a bit more normal today, to see how it goes.