WVillage: thx!
Tjoe: (click link for details)-notes-
Tjoe: Playlist Update! ( Sep 18 2020 ) tinyurl.com/HolidaysUpdat...
Tjoe: -notes--v-
WVillage: ignore water wheel,that’s somehow got transported from somewhere else!
Tjoe: :)
WVillage: I love to see your new designs!
Tjoe: ?
WVillage: Water Wheel
Tjoe: I hadn't made many dark objects because I didn't like how the logo looked - some white background interrupting the design. But I just updated the artwork to use on dark.
Tjoe: I ordered me a couple of black polo shirts (one from each station), and more car air fresheners.
WVillage: thanks,enjoy looking through
Tjoe: Zazzle store has been updated! www.zazzle.com/collection...
Tjoe: NICE!
WVillage: Blends it herself
Tjoe: Does she use a mix, or blend it herself?
WVillage: She does batter because a lot of frozen products have batter which isn't gluten-free and she has to have that but home made batter is often better anyway
Tjoe: Does your wife do her own battering, or are these frozen pre-battered?
Tjoe: YUM!!
WVillage: battered cod and potato croquettes on the menu today