Tjoe: Nighters!! -bye-
sunshinegirl: Have a great evening!
sunshinegirl: Well, I am getting things done, but my to do list isn't shrinking
Tjoe: Is that good or bad?
sunshinegirl: Jeepers, things keep coming in for me to do
Tjoe: Hope they are ok! I'll send an email soon and see I get a reply.
Tjoe: Missing WV -no-
Tjoe: -yes-
sunshinegirl: Tonight is the last night of my friendsgiving casserole. It was really good
Tjoe: I need to try and make fruitcake myself. I usually buy a bunch from a company called Claxon (i think). They are good, and I soak them in Amareto for weeks/months, but they have too many nuts. I'd want to make fruitcake with no nuts (so good you could go nuts!)
Tjoe: Today will end my turkey leftovers. Reheated with stuffing. Sat and Sun I made lovely sandwiches. This bird was okay, but I miss dark meat (was a breast rib only).
Tjoe: Thanks :)
sunshinegirl: Pretty Pretty!!!
Tjoe: Pretty new song from Kristin Chenoweth (Happiness (Is Christmas) / medley)


sunshinegirl: Pictures of your village?
sunshinegirl: It is cold this morning! I ended up getting some of my village out and ordered something from Amazon to add to the bookcases, so when it arrives and I get things done, will post a picture
Tjoe: I see it's been quite chilly in Florida. Saturday, Naples was showing 53f at the pier in the morning.
Tjoe: I got my village set up in both places (shelf in living room by the tree, and my desk).