Tjoe: Yuck! Sorry, WV :(
WVillage: 75 in here,79 humidity,storms about and weather warnings for next few days
Tjoe: Love the feeling of the hot outside air blowing into the house, but without the drenching part of it. Nice and arid.
Tjoe: -v- Perfect temp/humidity right now. 90f, 33%. Feels so great!
Tjoe: Hmmm... I think they might be back home by now. They don't usually contact me about that kind of thing. I sent her a text the day after they left (a picture of the cats), but didn't get a reply.
Tjoe: Then please do be careful (I know you will).
sunshinegirl: Just got an alert that we have a heat advisory of 110 and to be careful the rest of today
sunshinegirl: Is your Mom still having a good time traveling or is she back home?
Tjoe: At least I can start washing some of the larger things I've been putting off (mostly towels and bedding from when family was visiting).
Tjoe: yup.
sunshinegirl: Yeah, I'd say it was time for a new set
Tjoe: And the washer... the lid switch (prevents the spin cycle if lid is open) went bad. I fixed that, but 2 weeks later the washer ate itself. I found tons of plastic/vinyl bits and parts in my washer-sink, and it wouldn't spin anymore. And, I'd been finding chunks of rust showing up in the machine after loads.
Tjoe: Oh, I guess one big difference is that I am switching to electric instead of gas dryer. Gas is nice, but I am so tired of having the igniter go bad every year or so. That's what I thought was wrong with the dryer this time, but I tried 2 different new ones in it and it still didn't work, so it must be in the main control board now. The drum still rotates, so I've been drying very light loads in it (for 4 or 5 hours at a time).
Tjoe: Not sure about big differences, but I opted for the cheapest pair (in regular size) I could get. They have the basic features that I use.
sunshinegirl: I did see that! Is there a big difference between the old and new?
Tjoe: I don't know if you saw what I posted right after you signed out on Friday... I've had a challenging year with appliances. Garbage disposal, lawnmower, clothes dryer, new lawnmower, and then, most recently, clothes washer. Friday evening I finally ordered a new washer/dryer. I was worried that it was going to be many weeks or even months to wait for delivery. Only about 2 weeks. It should get delivered/installed (and old ones hauled away) Saturday, Aug 7th.
Tjoe: Nummy!
sunshinegirl: Yum!! I made baked porkchops over cornbread stuffing and have leftovers for today and tomorrow
Tjoe: Today is the nicest morning we've had in a while. Low humidity and full sunshine. Haven't had the windows open for a few days now.
Tjoe: Made Italian sausage sandwich yesterday. So good i decided to repeat today. Having egg sandwich for breakfast.