Chatting - Basics (logging on and basic use)

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Chatting - Basics (logging on and basic use)

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Hello, and welcome to myTjoeRadio, home of my70sRadio and myHolidaysEtc, where listening to our music is always free! *

*we provide the music but you have to provide your own internet connection and data package.

NOTE: If you are already logged on to the forum, you can:
- Go back to the main radio station website ( or )and begin chatting on the main page (new!), and you can choose Undocked Chat from there if you want.
- Go to the Big Chat box here in the forum by clicking the My70sChat button on the top menu bar. From there you can return to the main website, or launch the Undocked Chat, or choose Mobile Chat (if on a mobile device).

If you want to join us in chat, you need to register here in our forum (also free).

Logging On
Begin by clicking the link to get to chat from our site.
It will redirect you to this forum, where Chat is located.

At the top-right of the forum page is a Register/Login link.
If you are already registered, click Login, otherwise click on Register to get signed up with us.

If registering, fill out a few simple details about yourself and submit it.
At this time we are not doing email verification (this could change in the future), so you will be allowed to logon as soon as you submit the registration.

Logged On
After you have logged on (or registered, and logged back on), click on the My70s Chat button.

If you get this screen first, make sure to choose the correct one for your device.
If you choose MOBILE but are on a device that works more like a desktop, you will not get any of the special features (like changing text color, painting, shortcuts to other files, etc.)
If this happens, use this link to let you reset the choice:

Then come back to this page to continue.

Welcome to the chat!


This is the "Big Chat" box. All of the extra feature screens and boxes show up properly in this view. When you choose one of the smaller views, some of the feature screens (like History) don't display well. So, if you are having trouble getting something to show up properly, come back to "Big Chat".

This new app is perfect for mobile devices! It is so much easier to use than our old (and beloved) ClearChat.


However, in mobile view, some of the regular features are not available, such as History, and Painting. This doesn't mean you can't use them, you just have to use the regular Undocked Chat instead of Mobile Chat.

Undocked Chat
We have an Undocked view (highly recommended) so that you can use your browser for other things while keeping an eye on chat.

Undocked Chat is sized for allowing easy viewing of several features: Files/Shortcuts, Text Palette, Painting, and Smilies.
If you are trying to use History, stretch the Undocked window (about twice the width) and then select History.

Main Radio Page Chat


Finally! After long last, we can finally type in chat on the same page as the main radio station.
Previously you could seethe chat, but could not respond on this same screen.
Most of us just kept the Undocked window open on the side (and even used the Undocked Playlist screen too).

You can also undock the chat while in the main radio page.


Click on the Undock button...


Move this to any part of your screen to keep it handy while you using your browser for other things.
Don't forget to do this for the NowPlaying section too!

Features available in Undocked Chat

Smilie Quickpics

There are several pages of quickpics for common smilies.
Clicking on one of them inserts it into you message box to be posted when you are done typing.

But, this is just a small drop in the massive bucket of smilies we have here.
Just below the smilie button is a link (All Smilies) that takes you to our forum showing the 2,000+ smilies available.

To insert any of these, type the name given with the picture, and surround it with the ":" (quote) character. (note: we might change this back to using "-" instead of ":")

NEW!! Painting


When you are done, you click the Submit button.
This saves your creation, but does not post it.
Then you have the option to insert a link to it in your message (Insert).
Or to post it immediately to the chat (Post).
Or to playback the creation of it (stroke by stroke).
When the painting is visible in Chat, others can click on it to see the playback too.

NEW!! Insert your own pictures
NOTE: Might become a feature limited to our DJs ad mods if this is abused.


Leaving or logging out

You do not need to logout when leaving, unless you want to.

There are 2 ways to logout.

From the Forum

From the Chat

If logging off from the chat page, it will return you back to the main radio page.
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