Be a Radio Star!

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Be a Radio Star!

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Be a Radio Star!

My70sRadio is looking for a voice (or 2 or 3), preferably female, to make Station IDs and other announcements.

If you have the ability to record your voice (no videos please) in MP3 or WAV format, submit a sample to me at "webmaster AT" (change the AT to an @ and no spaces - spam protection). I'm looking for nice sounding voices, possibly with an interesting accent (australian, european, australian, asian, australian, southern US, australian, etc.).

If you don't know what to say, the sample could be something like:
"My 70s Radio dot com is YOUR 70s request station"

This is not a paid service, but your voice will be heard around the world and I can put your name in a credits list if you don't mind.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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