Have you been banned?

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Have you been banned?

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Have you been banned?

We here at My70sRadio are pretty easy going, but there are certain things that will not be tolerated: Stream Ripping, Queue Abuse, and Chat or Forum Abuse are the three biggies.

Stream Ripping

This is a gray area - and I have final say-so in this matter. The gray area is that we provide music as a stream, not a digital download, and so it technically falls in line with a very old FCC (U.S.) rule allowing you to record On Air material for personal storage (but not for resale or public airing, etc.). Even though this matter is still being debated in the RIAA and DMCA, I believe that the original FCC ruling may still apply. Our stream is broadcast at 128k and 40k - hardly good enough quality for anyone to try to make money off of copies. This station is fully licensed and we believe the artists should always get credit for their work.
However, where I do draw the line is when the stream is opened up multiple times by the same person. That increases the bandwidth that this station gets charged for. I can tell when someone is doing this - even when they try to mask their activity.
Now, if you feel that I've unfairly banned your ability to listen to the stream, please feel free to email me (Tjoe at my70sradio . com) and explain why your activities are not against my rules.

Queue Abuse

Queue Abuse is the act of someone hogging up the queue with disregard for others. Site Admins (and specially selected DJs) are allowed to play the same artist or tracks from the same album in succession - others are not. I reserve the right to rearrange or remove any selection of songs/artists that anyone picks. I also have the right to decide if your actions warrant my blocking all future requests by anyone deliberately violating my fairly lax rules. Constantly picking the same 4 songs every couple of hours, picking the same artist or album several times in a row (without prior approval by me), are examples of actions that will get you banned. Use common sense when requesting. Contact me if you would like more information on becoming a special DJ.

Chat or Forum Abuse

Plain and simple: keep it friendly and do not harass. I have a ZERO tolerance rule for harassment. Depending on the severity, you might be banned for a period of time, or forever. If you sign up for the forum for the purpose of placing ads or posting porn or any other malicious activity, the post will be deleted and your account will be locked out.

If you have questions about my policies, please send them to me at (tjoe at my70sradio . com).