Farewell Fonz! Be safe!

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Farewell Fonz! Be safe!

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original post: Fri Mar 27, 2009

Farewell Fonz! Be safe!

Please join me in wishing our fondest wishes for success and safety to our friend, Fonz (TheFonz), who is leaving us to join the Air Force.

Fonz has been a long time listener of the station, and for a while the only life here in the chat.

We'll miss his obsession with Queen, Elvis, and Elton John music. We'll miss hearing how the guys are dancing in the pits when certain dance tunes come on.

Fonz, you are taking a big step into the world that is the rest of your life - adulthood. The military will teach you independence, while also teaching you to work well with others. You will experience so many new things. Don't let any opportunities pass you by. If you get stationed overseas, make sure to take time to travel. Take TONS of pictures so that you can look back on those times when you are older.

Take Basic Training very seriously - do everything they tell you.
Learn everything you can at your tech training school.
Make the most of each duty assignment once you get your orders.
And remember to stay safe, and come and visit us when you get the chance.

Take care my friend!


SunshineGirl: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:04 am
Fonz - I have so enjoyed chatting with you and am going to miss you. Your enthusiasm was great!!
Enjoy your time and like Tjoe said...take lots of pix!!
Please stay in touch and drop us a line when you get a moment.
We'd love to know how things are going.

Take Care!

aka Sunshinegirl

TheFonz: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:13 am
oh wow thank you

i was gona make a goodbye message one later but ill use this one for it if thats okay
but itl be later

i will take every ones advice for sure

TheFonz: Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:06 pm
i have to leave earlyr than i thought today so this will be shorter than i wanted.

youve all been so fun to hang out here with. i want you all to no how much ill miss you all. ill think of you all the time and ill try to remember all the advice you guys gave.

sunshine i want you to have extra big hugs everyday! when you get on each day just imagine the hugehugs one for you okay? -hugs2- -hugs2-

mister dj tg thank you for all your advice and the great deejaying.

mister tjoe thank you so much for getting me that special link to your music. i tawt new girl how to do it and boss too i just hope they do it. thank you for having this place it has really helped me in a lot of ways. some you know some you dont. but i am a much diferent person now and i want to thank everyone here for that.

i have tears in my eyes so im gona close
ill write as soon as i can.
keep on rocking )
thefonz (john)

Tjoe: Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:50 pm
omg... It's been 9 years (almost to the day) and I just came across this thread (I'm migrating the board over to a newer forum).

We haven't heard a single word from fonz since this... I hope everything went well in the Air Force and that he's doing fine somewhere.
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