GoldCast is Here!

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GoldCast is Here!

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GoldCast is Here!

My70sRadio GoldCast is a way for me to play a "Best Of" sample of songs from different genres. Presently there are 5 main genres: Dance, Easy, Pop, Rock, and Big Band Swing. There are 3 other special genres, too: Christmas, Halloween, and Star Wars.
GoldCast also provides a backup in the event that the main radio station stream is interrupted (ISP outages, server crash, etc.)

The main radio stream at is free and open to the public, where you listen to and request songs from my entire 70s library (approx. 3500 songs as of November 2009 and constantly growing!). Requested songs are put in the queue with other requested songs and played in turn. There are a few restrictions to this, such as number of songs you are allowed to put in the queue at a time, not being able to request the same song if it is already in the queue, etc. The songs are streamed out to everyone at the same time, so you are hearing the exact song at the same time as everyone else. This stream is served by a dedicated server, separate from the main site server.

GoldCast is different! First, what you listen to is totally private. No one else is listening to the exact same thing you are (although they might be on the same song in the list by coincidence). You might be able to change the order of the songs or pick and choose the ones you want to listen too - over and over and over if you like. Second, this is a sample of what is available at the main station. I have taken what I believe are to be the best songs (or at least more popular from the radio in those days or most requested here) in my library from each genre, and placed them in their own separate area of the main site's server. Then, I chose a small sample of those songs and made a playlist that your player runs.


Goldcast loads a list of songs into your default music player (mobile devices may need to install an app to run the list - I recommend ServeStream).
Non-registered listeners, click here to go to the limited library:
You can also access it from the top of the main page.

Registered listeners, go to the Chat page where you can access all of the GoldCast links.

Once you see the list, just click on the CD-Notes icon. The first time you do this, your device may ask you what to do with the link. Have it open your default music player.

Please remember that GoldCast is just a sample of the library at and is not meant to take the place of the station. When I add new music to the main station, it may take awhile before a sample of them arrives at GoldCast.

Please let me know if you use this and if you have any comments on it. The interface will be getting some more attention when I get more time (launch buttons may become graphical, etc.). I'm really interested to know if you find this new feature useful.

Stay Groovy!
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