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Requesting Music - myHolidaysEtc

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The music here is streamed automatically, 24/7/365. It does not need to be downloaded, and it cannot be downloaded. You are allowed to browse our library and add songs to the queue. We have some rules that must be followed or an admin might remove your selections.

When you request a song, it is automatically added to the queue of upcoming songs. If there are requests in the queue, yours will play in the order that it was received.

To request songs for the playlist, click on the Request buttons (located on the main site page, the Undocked Chat page, and the Undocked music player screens). Please make note of our requesting rules (below). Browse the extensive library, or type in a name that you are searching for (artist, album, song, year that it came out, or by various genres. There are some quick-type links for the years and genres that you can click on.

Once you see the song that you want to request, click on the Request button. A box will popup giving you the results of your request. If the song has not been played/requested too recently, it will be added to the queue and you will be asked to provide your name and a message (dedication, etc.).

Requesting Rules
Listening and Requesting have always been free here at myHolidaysEtc, but there are rules. Some of the rules are to be compliant with the ever changing requirements of the DMCA, some are for politeness to others. Certain rules are automatically enforced by the music engine, some are up to you. Note that these rules apply to our regular listeners, not our registered DJs.
The basics:
- Limit the playing of multiple songs by the same artist in a row to no more than 2. Admins will delete excess requests if they notice this, or they might shuffle the queue.
- We allow more requests here than at our sister station (, but try to be considerate of other requesters. Normal limits allow up to 30 songs requested in 30 minutes. Sometimes the limit feature is set higher for certain reasons, but you should still keep within the 30/30 rule. NOTE: If we reduce these limits drastically, it is because someone has been abusing our very generous system. If that person is YOU - STOP IT NOW! The next steps will be to ban you from accessing the site at all.
- Daily repeats of the same songs is frowned upon, and steps may be taken at the music engine to prevent this.
- Admin reserves the right to remove any songs from the queue if abuse of our rules or manners is detected.

That's it, really. We've been fortunate enough to not have many violators, which allows us to keep the rules rather flexible and in your hands. But, when people abuse the request rules, we will remove tracks from the queue, and impose stricter limits in the music engine.
Purposeful abuse of our queue may result in being banned from the web site. Attempts to get around the ban will result in our alerting your ISP to your harmful actions.
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