Keywords (text, not stickers/emojies)

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Keywords (text, not stickers/emojies)

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Keywords are used very similar to the Smilies, but instead of putting up a picture, a HyperText link is put in the chat.

This is the list of current Keywords. Type them WITH the "-" on both sides:
-70s- >>> My70sRadio main page
-faq- >>> MyTjoeRadio Frequently Asked Questions page
-=)-, -smilies- >>> link to the Huge List Of Smilies thread
-playlist- >>> Link to the latest Playlist Updates
-request- >>> Link to the Requesting page
-store-, -shop- >>> Links to the various My70sRadio stores and Lists
-donate-, -contribute-, -paypal- >>> Links to the various ways to support My70sRadio
-forum- >>> MyTjoeRadio discussion board
-goldcast- >>> Information on GoldCast Streams

Make chat text a subdued color so that it is almost hidden.
NOTE: Do NOT use this for giving out spoilers!
-sekret- >>> text in deep blue (000044)
-sekret2- >>> text in another blue (0000B0)
-sekret3- >>> text in black (000000)
-sekret4- >>> text in green (003800)
* and for the spelling-challenged... sekrit now works too *
newly added:
-hide- >>> same as sekret, just easier to type
-whisper- >>> a slate gray to be lightly visable

Quick Links to other favorite sites:
-imdb- >>> Internet Movie Database - amazing resource
-amazon- >>> (MyTjoeRadio associate link)
-ibdb- >>> Internet Broadway Database
-kissthisguy-, -ktg- >>> Kiss This Guy (for miss-heard lyrics)
-live365-, -l365- >>> Live365 stations
-jumptheshark-, -jts- >>> Jump The Shark (when tv shows died "jumped")
-sst- >>> Streaming Soundtracks . com (movie scores)
-80s- >>> for 80s music
-trance- >>> for trance style music
-afm- >>> for classical
-dfm- >>> for death metal music