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My70s Chat Smilies (emoji)

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My70s Chat Smilies (emoji)

We have thousands of smilies and other assorted images to use in chat. You access most of these by typing the name of the smiley you want, but put a "-" on each side. Example: -lol- will give you the smiley or graphic that I have called "lol" - which gives: Image

There are "standard" smilies that change seasonally (they might wear santa hats, or be pumpkins/witches, etc.) and they are accessed by the normal text method, such as... : ) and ; ) and : P or : b

Then there are the thousands of extra ones that I gathered and linked so that they are keyword accessible in the chat (for registered users). Some of them can be accessed with a couple of different key words.

There will still be a few that I do not index here. They are secret ones that only certain people know how to access. When you get your very own special one for just you, I'm sure you'll understand Image

If you want to see every available smilie in one HUGE list, click here.

You can also browse the gallery in the various threads of this category.